You Must Know/Kenneth Morales

Pop-Music Album with country music influence.

Thank you my friend Vanny G for sharing the music, your great voice on 'Stay Alive/Quedate' song. God Bless You. Also, thank you my friend Freddie Burgos for your great musical work on drums, on 'We are Strong' song. Hugs and many blessings for you always. My friend and the person working hard on videos, photos, audio, events, the entire production, Javier Lebron Flores, God Bless you my friend, and God Bless the people that some way colaborated with me..and of course, the fans, your support, it means a lot to me, hope you enjoy always my music, our music.


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Kenneth Morales
Kenneth Morales
Kenneth & Vanny G
Vanny G
Kenneth Morales
'You Must Know' Album